Desalination and Concentration of Small Molecules from Fermentation Broths

The separation of small molecules from other salts may pose a challenge when using conventional methods such as evaporation or precipitation. Nanofiltration membrane technology holds vast potential in this field, to achieve the selective separation required for small, heat-sensitive molecules.

For example, in a feasibility test conducted at Synder HQ, biocides and fungicides with a small molecular weight range (<1,000Da) were needed to be derived from a fermentation broth. Synder’s NF membranes were showed high retention rates of the active compounds, while allowing salts and water to pass to the permeate stream via diafiltration. During the concentration and desalination process, there was also no detectable loss of active compounds in the permeate stream.

Benefits of membrane process

  1. Selective separation for small, heat-sensitive molecules
  2. Minimal loss of active compounds

Recommended membrane:

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