Protein/Enzyme Concentration

Ultrafiltration membrane technology has the ability to concentrate protein solutions and recover enzymes. Due to the heat-sensitive property of active enzymes, membrane filtration is more preferable to concentrate the substance as oppose to other conventional techniques such as vacuum evaporation. This filtration method has proven to be a cost-effective way to concentrate and purify the proteins and enzymes, with dry methods integrated in later stages if necessary. It is ideal for the simultaneous concentration and purification with minimum loss of activity of the enzyme.

Synder Filtration can provide engineering solutions for the entire filtration design process to not only increase the yield of active substances, but also improve the quality of the enzyme and protein.

Benefits of membrane process

  1. High filtration rates for rapid concentration of large volumes of solution
  2. Cost-effective technique compared to conventional methods
AD29 - Protein-Enzyme Concentration

Recommended membrane:

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