Membrane Development Program

At Synder Filtration, we aim to provide quality products, technical expertise, and quick responsiveness. With our state-of-the-art laboratory, extensive array of pilot systems, and growing team of scientists and engineers, we are able to develop and customize innovative membranes to fit specific process separation needs and applications across all industries. We take pride in collaborating closely with our customers to ensure consistent membrane performance and complete satisfaction with each product. Contact us today for more information about our membrane development program.

1. Customer submits membrane development inquiry to Synder Sales Dept.

This helps us to gather vital information about potential usage for the membrane and establish goals that want to be accomplished.

2. Review of inquiry by R&D and Engineering team.

Synder’s R&D and engineering staff will review the inquiry to assess the overall process goals and feasibility of the project. If approved, they will then put together a proposal for the customer highlighting the development plan, project timeline, costs, etc.

3. Customer approval.

Once the proposal from R&D is sent to the customer, the account manager will schedule a review meeting or conference call to discuss the project and clarify any remaining questions. After everything is reviewed, the customer will then decide the next action steps for the project.

4. Research & development testing.

If the proposal is approved by the customer and the plan is finalized, Synder’s R&D team will work together to start developing potential membranes. For testing, multiple types of analysis can be provided including SEM imaging, FTIR analysis, contact angle measurements, TOC readings, molecular weight cut-off, and pore distribution.

5. Samples sent to customer.

Once the analysis is completed, a summary report will be sent to the customer for examination. Lab samples may also be sent for further validation in their process and modifications to the membrane formulations can be made based on feedback from the customer.
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