Blood Protein Concentration

Animal blood is rich in protein (~18%), almost as much as the protein content in lean meat. Membrane filtration technology can be used to extract protein concentrates from animal blood, for use as exceptional emulsifiers. Proper treatment for the blood is important, as serious pollution problems can ensue if BOD levels in the wastewater from slaughterhouses get too high. In order to reduce the contamination to the environment, decrease costs of wastewater discharge, and make some profit from blood products, it is beneficial to recover and concentrate the blood protein from water through separation technology. Ultrafiltration is a simple method that requires low energy consumption to achieve the blood protein concentration goals, and can be used as an alternative compared to other conventional technology such as vacuum evaporation and freeze drying.

Benefits of membrane process

  1. Lower environmental impact and maintenance costs
  2. Separation efficiency with minimal product loss

Recommended membrane:

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