Endotoxin and Pyrogen Removal

Pyrogens are substances that induce a fever when injected into humans and animals and endotoxins are the single most important class of pyrogens. Depending on the states of aggregation, endotoxins can have individual molecular weights of 10-120kDa, or molecular weights as large as 1,000kDa. The choice of membrane filter will be based on size exclusion and charge interactions. Ultrafiltration technology has been proven to be effective for use throughout the biopharmaceutical industry by producing pyrogen and endotoxin-free solutions from dialysis fluids, tap water, and in the hemodialysis processes.

Benefits of membrane process

  1. Cost-effective method for optimal endotoxins removal
  2. Efficient flux rates and low operating pressures

Recommended membrane:

MT, ST or larger MWCO PES membrane, depending on the aggregation state of the endotoxins and the target rejection efficiency of the filter
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