Polypeptide Concentration

With improvements in product technology and the expansion of amino acid usage, membrane filtration has been evaluated for its ability to achieve separation of proteins and peptides from amino acids. Other than extraction, ion-exchange, evaporation, and distillation, it was found membrane filtration is a simple procedure that can extract and purify amino acid from fermentation broth via step-by-step filtration. As the first step, microfiltration is used to remove high levels of suspended solids found in the broth. The consistent permeate quality from the microfiltration process makes the downstream process easier. After microfiltration is employed, ultrafiltration is utilized to purify amino acids from proteins. The UF permeate is then processed viananofiltration to concentrate and desalinate the amino acids.

Benefits of membrane process

  1. Simplicity and ease in separation methods
  2. High recovery and minimal waste

Recommended membrane:

FR, V0.1; NFX, NFW; XT
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